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Sherman VFC NY - Rescue 282 - 2007 IHC 4400-Ferrara H-3786.JPG

Rescue 282

2007 International 4400 - Ferrara

R-282 serves many functions. It is outfitted with a 15 KW hydraulic generator and 9,000 watt light tower. It responds to all fire scenes, motor vehicle accidents, and search & rescue calls. R-282's firefighting equipment includes; 6 Scott SCBA's, a Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera, an air bottle fill cascade system, exhaust fans, a portable generator, and various hand tools. It carries our vehicle extrication equipment including;  an Amkus spreader, cutter, and rams, Paratech air bags and struts, composite cribbing, and pneumatic chisel set. Other equipment found on R-282 include; cold water rescue equipment and wet suits, rope rescue, hazmat, and traffic control items. R-282 also houses basic life support EMS supplies.

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